Ramble On;

21. Junior.
Traveling to Florence.
I like good strong words that mean something.

Permalink LAST NIGHT IN FLORENCE. Tomorrow I have to be responsible and go to bed early. But tonight…I feel like you guys might get a drunk video blog. Yeah. That might happen. 



Where did the time go?


So apparently there was a shooting today in Florence markets. 


I think its time to go home. 


Things Learned While Abroad:

1. Everything in Europe worth seeing is up a very large hill. 

2. Nutella is one of the major food groups. 

3. Do not call an Austrian man a German. 


Totally just bossed my E.U. Final!


Now we just have to discuss the disturbing fact that I’ve apparently become someone who says bossed. 

Permalink amelia-pondss:

So I was an Angel for a Christmas party. And somehow doing the night I became a Hipster Angel. 
Hipster Angel Angela. 
(I’m wearing wings but you can’t see them in this picture)
I’m also drinking white wine from a plastic cup with a straw. Because I’m a classy bitch.
Permalink The truly fun part about going to Eastern Europe,  escaping the euro and getting to play with thousand dollar bills. 
In Hungary, I took out 25000 Huffs. 

So I’m going as an angel to a Christmas party.

Yeahhhh. Theres a lot of irony there.